If you love Asian foods, then you probably want to learn more about all the delicious fusion recipes that are available. If you like Chinese, Japanese, Indian, or Thai food, then there is a recipe out there that will have your tasting some very tasty fusion dishes. The good news is that you don’t have to cook from these specific recipes; instead, you can often get a taste of these fantastic fusion dishes through eating out. When you do find a good Asian restaurant in town, it’s always best to try a sample menu to see what is on the menu for a night out. Sometimes it can be hard to decide between two or three dishes, but once you know the full menu you’ll have an easier time picking the dish you would like to have for dinner that night.

There are several varieties of Asian fusion cuisine that you can enjoy. Some examples include chicken rice, which is a dish that uses short grained noodles in a spicy soy sauce base; crab cakes, which are crab meat with white fish broth and sesame oil; beef tendon, which are beef cut into thin strips and simmered with vinegar; tempura, which are a mixture of Japanese okay (fish cake) and ingredients such as chicken, squid, and vegetables. You can also get versions that involve coconut and fish, such as Bekki, which is fish kebab with coconut milk and shiitake mushrooms. Another dish that is a favorite among Asian food lovers is tofu. Spicy tofu is popular around the world and is used in a variety of Asian dishes, from stir-frying and deep-frying, to simple marinades for meats and vegetables.

You may be surprised when you learn just how much Asian fusion food is available to you. You can find chicken dishes, pork, beef, seafood, vegetables, sake, kimchi, and even gluten-free dishes. There are so many dishes that make use of meat that it can be overwhelming at first. If you get tired, you can simply cheat a day or two and try something else. If you are trying out this type of cuisine for the first time, you may be pleasantly surprised by the vast array of foods available to you. Asian fusion cuisine will surprise you with its variety and will give you back pain you never thought was possible.