Desert safari travel to DubaiDubai is synonymous with a traditional Bedouin culture with luxury, state-of-the-art infrastructure and roots. Which is located in the dunes of the Arabian desert. Although modern Dubai Persian gulf, pictures of large buildings show. But still Dubai Desert Safari is kept alive on a large scale here. You can experience these Desert Safari through nearby Desert grounds. While walking in the sandy dunes of Dubai, everyone will say, ‘Wow!’ Desert Safari is an important part of Dubai’s excursion.

Traditional activities involved in a desert safari in Dubai are such as falconry, camel riding, henna painting, sheesha smoking, barbeques and traditional dances such as belly dance and tanoura. Not only this, Dubai Desert Safari is very popular among tourists.

Usually when Dubai Desert Safari starts, you are transported from the hotel to Desert. While your first experience is of 4X4 ​​Dune Bashing, the experience of doing Desert Safari sitting in Hummers, land cruisers, range rovers is always remembered. You enjoy Desert Safari like a rollercoaster ride. Apart from this, you also enjoy Dune Buggy riding, quad biking, sand boarding. Children here also have a lot of fun, as there is also the facility of camel riding.

The sun sets in the desert offering a breathtaking view. Here is a camel ride, Arabic food and dancing is different. The desert stretches on one side of Dubai and the Blue Sea on the other side. There is a lot to see in Dubai. In the evening you stop for entertainment and dinner. The dinner you get at Dubai Desert Safari is a 3 course buffet, which includes dishes from all over the world. You do your living in an open desert air. Where local perform, it consists of belly and tenoura dance.

Types of Dubai Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari

This safari is best for those tourists who do not have full gin to spend here and also have to go to some other place for an evening stroll. You can complete this entire process in 2 hours. If you come here in the morning, it is the most fun because the brightness of the night is maintained and the heat does not feel too much.

Evening Desert Safari

This is an activity that you will not forget, and evening Desert Safari is most liked. In it, you can spend the day roaming around the rest of the places and spend a wonderful evening. In this, if you come here too soon, then there are many places to take photos, apart from this, you can get Mehndi, enjoy eating and can also enjoy Belly Dance.

Overnight desert safari

This is also an extended version of Evening Desert Safari, in which you first enjoy Dubai Desert Safari and after that spend a beautiful night in the desert itself. In which you can enjoy Belly dancing, dinner, bar, sunset photography, henna painting, shisha, fire shows, tanura shows. This is a wonderful night that tourists love.