Things You Never Knew About A Rubik’s Cube

Most of us have encountered one somewhere down the line. Many of us have tried to solve the puzzle. Some of us have even succeeded. And then there are some others who have turned solving a Rubik’s cube into an art – even to the point of competing in the annual World Cubing Championship.

Whatever our relationship with the world’s most famous cubed twisting puzzle, the Rubik’s cube remains to many a thing of interest – an enigma, even. But how much do we really know about the puzzle that seems to outrank all other puzzles and is definitely not just a crafty kids toy?

Here are some things we bet you never knew about the famous Rubik’s cube.

It Wasn’t Created To Be A Toy

Developed by a certain professor of architecture named Erno Rubik during his time in tenure at the Budapest College of Applied Arts, the very first Rubik’s cube came into existence roughly 46 years ago, in 1974.

Often rumoured to have been developed for the purpose of explaining to his students certain concepts related to 3D-geometry, the Rubik’s cube was actually created as a sort of architectural model that allowed individual pieces to move about and rotate without the core structure coming completely apart. It was designed to intrigue and made people want to read more into the way it worked.

Only once he had created the wooden cube, scrambled it, which in turn necessitated unscrambling, did the puzzle penny drop for Erno Rubik. After successfully punting the idea to his students, he eventually applied to have his “Magic Cube” officially patented in Hungary.

43 Quintillion Configurations

Each cube consists of six coloured sides, 54 individual squares, and a total of 21 actual pieces. This means that if we were to tally the number of possible configurations, based on the Math of course, we would have to count all the way to 43 quintillion.

Also, if you were to turn a single rotation every second, it would take you roughly 14,000 trillion years to work through every possible Rubik’s cube configuration. So much for aspiring to set a new world record!

It’s A Seller – A Best Seller

It’s a fact: Rubik’s cubes sell. In fact, given the endless variations of puzzles, board games and cubes created and sold to date, the Rubik’s cube is the best selling individual toy ever sold. An estimated 350 million units are thought to have been sold since the early 1980s. That puts the world’s most famous puzzle ahead of Barbie on the best sellers’ list.

Not All Rubik’s Cubes Are Cheap

Probably the best thing about a standard variety Rubik’s cube is that most people are easily able to afford one. But that’s barring one specific Rubik’s cube created back in 1995 by a company called Diamond Cutters International.

Their “Masterpiece Cube” comprises of 34 carats of rubies, 34 carats of emeralds, 22.5 carats of precious amethyst, with everything set in 18-carat gold. Owning one such as the one created by the famous diamond company will set you back a cool $1.5 million.

Now that’s what we like to call utterly and completely mind-boggling!