carpentersWoodworkers are called carpenters or ‘carpenters’. The credit for the development of this modern society goes to this caste. Goodness is one that resides as a majority caste in the districts of every district of the country. , Their number is around 6% to 8% in India. They have been a major part of society since ancient times. Varna system in India has been going on since very ancient times. According to their work, castes have originated. Iron-working blacksmiths and wood-working are called ‘carpenters’. The essential wood items of the house are made by the carpenter caste. Among these items are charpoy, bed, peed, chair, , almirha, plow, square, arm, window, door and household items, every modern item of the society is the product of this society.

According to the ancient system, carpenters used to get annual stipend for subsistence. They were given food on various festivals as wages, food grains on harvesting and clothes and other assistance on special occasions. His family was related to the birth of the working family. If needed, no one other than these could work. But now the practice of getting work done by paying cash wages has started. People of old caste believe in employment, and they also provide employment to many societies and communities. Wealthy castes (society) are rich in inventions and creations, which are called by the names of good society. Every person achieves art by copying the invention of this society in the world. People of good society and home-born children, even children are called birth engineers. A good society is born inventive; it used to be a Brahmin in 5000 ‘years ago. But at that time, after a lot of deceit with this caste due to the deception of some enemies. The states were forced to live in the wilderness by persecution and injustice. Later, to make a living, he became compelled to feed his life with the help of wood from the forests.

Genius  at work

Carpenters worship Lord Vishwakarma. It is said that when Brahmaji was creating the world, he was a craftsman. On this occasion, they keep all their instruments, tools and machines clean. Cleaning the house Havan etc. It is said that Brahma created the universe and Vishwakarma did the crafts. In ancient times, details of udan khatola, Pushpak Vimana, flying horse, arrows and tarkas and various types of chariots etc. are found, which shows that the woodworkers were very skilled. Their efficiency was higher than the present-day craftsmen. The pillar gates of the Mauryan period are found in good condition at Bulandi Bagh near Patna, which shows that in ancient times wood drying and wood preservation were done with skill.

Without a carpenter, we cannot imagine a beautiful and furnished house or simply say that all the things made in our house are made of wood only by carpenters. They are also called khatis and where they have a large population, they are also called khatipura, you must have heard the names of many such villages or urban colonies.

Useless and carving small pieces of wood gives them the shape of a beautiful shape. In Hinduism, marriage and death rituals are also considered as carpenter’s works. Had we not been carpenters, we would have slept on the ground instead of the cot, the table would not have been a chair for reading, the doors of the houses would not have been windows, thus our house and life would have felt like emptiness.

Eating karma has been considered the most difficult and laborious in traditional occupations. Cutting, sawing, joining, breaking and piercing wood requires physical strength as well as intellectual ability. Today, many types of institutions are open to teach Carpenter’s work. Where amateur students are trained in woodwork for a period and are made wood workable.

To teach carpentry, there are large institutes in Bareilly and Prayagraj in India where knowledge related to wood craft is imparted. They are made aware of the latest scientific instruments and equipment related to wood so that they can make their work more and more simple and accessible. Talking about the manufacturing center of famous wooden items in India, household use items are made in Bareilly, table chair cupboards in Saharanpur, painting wood items in Meerut, sports goods in Dehradun and cricket bats are made in Srinagar.

Today the wood industry has become a very wide and employable area, yet the woodworkers who live in the village still live in poverty. They still work in homes, they get very low wages. Talking about the work of carpenters living in the same cities, they keep big shops where dozens of artisans work together, they have all the modern tools.